Surgical Research / Objectives


  1. To provide for the interchange of information about research related to surgery and surgical disease.
  2. To foster the interchange between surgical science and clinical practice.
  3. To promote evidence-based surgical practice.
  4. To promote humanity and ethical standards in clinical and experimental research.
  5. To comment on the educational value of surgical research in the training of surgeons.


  1. To encourage the establishment of workshops on surgical research in medical and academic centers.
  2. To run workshops on research design and grant application.
  3. To run workshops on how to write scientific papers.
  4. To run workshops on critical appraisal of surgical research.
  5. To help maintain high standards of presentations at the scientific meetings of the ESS and its groups.
  6. To enhance clinical governance, clinical effectiveness, and clinical audit.
  7. To promote surgical research by providing scholarships and/or research grants whenever possible.
  8. To promote the interchange of information nationally and internationally through collaboration with other national and international similar societies and groups.
  9. To undertake such other programmes and activities as may be proper to promote and enhance the above purposes.