Surgical Research / Surgical Skills

Surgical Skills

All courses are designed for surgeons in training and qualified to address the core issues -related to surgical practice and research through group work and on course assignments. The various workshops and their modules can be tailored to run over 1-3 days according to the level required by the participants.

Basic Skills Module

Course objectives
  1. Learn safe operating techniques
  2. Perform gowning and gloving
  3. Understand principles of instrument and tissue handling
  4. Perform different types of knots and sutures

Anastomosis Skills Module

Course objectives
  1. Understand principles of safe and sound anastomosis
  2. Perform different types of hand-sawn bowel anastomosis
  3. Perform different types of vascular anastomosis
  4. Examine the different types of staplers
  5. Learn the different types of stapled anastomosis

Minimum Access Surgery Module

Course objectives
  1. Understand principles and components of safe laparoscopy
  2. Understand methods of induction and maintenance
  3. Acquire manipulation, clipping, ligation and suturing skills

Essential Surgical Skills Course

Course objectives
  1. The above modules can be integrated into a single three day course