Our Society Membership


Know how to join and what is requested to be welcomed between our members and fellows.

Is it worthwhile to provide a portion of the time and money to become a member of the Egyptian Society of Surgeons?

We believe that the answer to this question is: Yes!

Here are the reasons:

Membership Card

Being a member of the ESS, you will have a membership card and membership number of your own; they can allow you to enjoy different privileged benefits.

Lower fees for all the Society’s activities

Being a member of the ESS, you will receive lower subscriptions rates in conferences and meetings of the Egyptian Society of Surgeons, especially its annual conference, which includes international Surgery expert, and consists of a mix of live lectures, long-distance lectures, and workshops, in addition to the exhibition accompanying the conference, which displays all the modern devices and services in the field of surgery.


Free ad of your activities on our Society’s website

Giving you a unique way to market your business.

Membership requirements

1. Copy of applicant’s ID Card.

2. Copy of the applicant’s highest and most recent academic surgical qualification (Diploma, Masters, Ph.D.)

3. Applicant’s photo.

4. Copy of the filled Society Membership application Form (click here to download it).

5. Copy of the Membership payment Bank Transfer receipt (in case of paying using bank transfer).

The above mentioned requirements can be delivered to the ESS main office as follows:• In Person.• Via Email.• Via Mail.


Journal of the Egyptian Society of Surgeons

Being a member of the ESS, you’ll get a One year free subscription of the official journal of the Egyptian Society of Surgeons (EJS), this journal contains a lot of original scientific articles, case studies, etc. Reading the rotating journal, which is published quarterly, will enable you to pursue all new updates in your surgical field and find useful scientific information that can be applied in your business.

Egyptian Society of Surgeons Correspondence

Being a member of the ESS, you will be added to Society mailing list of the society correspondence, which enables you to receive important correspondence regarding many of the society’s activities, such as activities’ announcements, meetings, letters, periodic reports and news of the society.

Payment Methods

• Cash payment: Can be paid in the ESS main office.

• Bank Transfer: Can be transferred to ESS bank account #122/1/6200, of Banque Misr, Garden City Branch.

Submit your request

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